Dwayne Johnson Falls Like Rock in ‘Skyscraper’ Fail

Dwayne Johnson

No One’s Buying ‘Skyscraper’ Stunt

… Simple Math Says He Falls Like Rock

2/6/2018 6:57 AM PST

Dwayne Johnson just doesn’t have the numbers to pull off the big stunt in his upcoming blockbuster — and it all adds up to him falling to his death … according to the Internet.

Chill, he didn’t really fall. It just looks like it on the poster, and in the trailer, for “Skyscraper” … which Dwayne debuted during the Super Bowl. The movie’s marquee stunt shows him running and jumping from a crane to the burning tower — but doesn’t take Einstein to figure out DJ ain’t gonna make it.

Hollywood frequently requires suspending reality, but this one looks so bad it’s trending, and not only with math geeks.

But math geeks ARE having a ball. Dude’s gonna need a bigger crane, or it’s … y’know.  #RIPRock

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