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Quincy Jones Apologizes for Recent Revealing Interviews

Quincy Jones

My Bad for Spilling the Beans, Guys

… My Fam Had to Intervene!

2/22/2018 9:46 AM PST

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Quincy Jones has apologized for his recent “wordvomit” interviews — his word — in which he revealed A LOT of dirt on Hollywood elites … but he isn’t taking any of it back. 

The legendary music producer said Thursday his six daughters pulled him aside for a surprise “family intervention” due to some “silly things” he’s said lately.

He goes on to say he’d recently stopped drinking (3 years ago) and makes a point that certain details he’s spilled on don’t paint the full picture of his intentions or experiences over his “long & crazy life.” That said … he doesn’t correct the record on anything.

Quincy does, however, apologize to anyone he’s bad-mouthed — like Michael Jackson, for example — adding that it’s inexcusable to do so. He also hopes messages he relayed about racism, inequality, poverty, etc. aren’t clouded by his outrageous remarks.

Quincy’s caused quite a stir by saying lots of things — some of which appeared to be true — like Richard Pryor banging Marlon Brando, MJ hijacking “Billie Jean,” Marilyn Monroe having “a chest that looked like pears” … and allegedly “dating” Ivanka Trump.

For all that stuff … he’s sorry. But again … not retracting anything.

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